I am just learning about this, and don’t yet have a good handle on all the pros and cons. But the more I read, the more I believe it “may” be the right thing. In a nutshell, the 17th Amendment established a popular vote for United States Senators, which were formerly appointed by state legislatures. Prior to the 17th amendment, being appointed by state legislatures meant there was accountability to the district level (much more localized). As the country has grown, this has amounted to less and less connection between each senator and their constituents – dangerous.

According to some views, one of the biggest fallouts has been vast, unchecked growth in the Federal Government; and this is precisely the problem. Why has no one heard about this? I know I hadn’t until a few short months ago. And I am now trying to tell everyone I can.

Again, I am no expert. So rather than listen to my ramblings, do your own research and be your own judge. As I research and understand more on this critical topic, I’ll post more. But for now, I just want to get the word out. Tell everyone you know to start reading up on the 17th Amendment, its implications, how it has caused huge government growth and corruption, and consider whether perhaps it should be repealed.

And this should be a bi-partisan issue. Certainly I have my political leanings (which I won’t share here), but whether you are left or right, there is something to be said for bringing that liberal or conservative control back to your own state. If you are a liberal, and your home state is liberal – then during times when conservatives are in charge in Washington DC, this lessens the impact on your state – and the same goes in reverse if you are a conservative.

Think about it, get the word out, and lets see if perhaps the right thing to do for the USA is to repeal the 17th Amendment.

More later. Thanks for reading.