Thoughts On Utopianism

I’m presently thinking, writing and generally gathering my thoughts on this forgotten but very prevalent topic. It started with Plato’s work, “The Republic,” and made popular by Sir Thomas More’s book, “The Utopia.”

Utopia is simply a perfectly ordered society. And according to some philosophers, the only place Utopia can exist, is in ones imagination (to which I agree).

The problem is that without even knowing of the term, much of society is seeking Utopia – they are seeking something that can’t be found (on this earth). Government, medicine, private individuals, and yes, even the church (in some instances) are all in different ways, seeking utopia – seeking something that can not be had. I am a Christian, and so I make the comments about the church very carefully.

I’m sure I’ll take some heat for the following, but both conservatives and liberals in degrees, seek unknowingly, utopia – a perfectly ordered society – along with people of most other flavors or persuasions.

As I delve further into this topic, I’ll seek to understand and share why I believe this is problematic, and further, what I believe the solution may be.

Just a few opening thoughts. If you’d like to converse on this, send me a tweet on my Twitter account @Hawaii596 .


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