The Bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Atheists have a big problem with this citing such popular theories as Dark Matter, the Big Bang Theory (not the show), etc.

It is often said that one must choose between science and God. I don’t think so – not at all. There is a built in presupposition to such a choice. That is that you choose which to “believe.”

This is very telling, in that what you “believe” is a matter of faith. We “believe” in God by faith. We “believe” that the words of the Bible are accurate, inspired, inerrant, and eternal truth by our faith. The Christian walk is an act of faith in God. We must NEVER believe in science based on faith. This is the huge struggle in the so called scientific community – that you must believe certain scientific precepts.

Aside from all else, this is absolute nonsense. Science is the observed ordering of the universe we live in. If you drop a steel ball from 100 feet and measure its rate of descent, you can calculate a gravitational constant. With some further calculation, you can calculate coefficients of friction, etc. etc. You don’t measure that rate of descent based on faith, but on observation.

Science is all about observation. But such things as Dark Matter, the Big Bang Theory, Evolution, and so many other illedged scientific concepts are not science at all, but a leap of faith.

So for someone to claim to be a scientist based on faith (presuppositions) is not valid at all.

Do we have to choose between science and the Bible – never. They can never be at odds with each other. What is at odds is the presuppositional views held (I believe as anti-Christian views) relative to the Christian faith.

My challenge to the scientific community is not to accept Christianity (that is a fully personal choice), but to speak factually on observed science, and filter out the so called theories to be identified as such.

In the case of evolution, there has never been an observed occurrence, and it is in conflict with so many true scientific principles.

Let’s bring back good science.


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