I am currently at work on a number of book projects, and just wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself, as a writer to my readers.

I grew up in a very small New England town up in the mountains; and so developed very independent thinking about just about everything. I was one of those kids who stared at the stars for hours every night, and (honestly) tried to figure out how far forever was. I grew up as a thinker who contemplated everything. I don’t take any viewpoint for granted. And now in my mid fifties, I have spent decades thinking about just about everything.

I attended Asbury College, a Christian college in the mountains of Kentucky, joined the Navy and traveled extensively during and since my years of military service. I developed a keen interest in world cultures and have traveled extensively internationally. I have spent in many parts of Asia, (India, Nepal, China, South Korea, Malaysia), Central America (Mexico, and Guatemala), and the Caribbean (the Bahama, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Dominican Republic, and quite a lot of time in Haiti).

I love all of these places and the friends I have made in them; and have learned a lot from their perspectives.

I’ve spent many years observing life in the world around me, so that I feel now compelled to share some important thoughts about things I notice.

One critical topic for which I hope to inspire honest discussion is Utopianism. It seems like such a far off philosophical point that many will say its a waste of mental energy. But as I will describe in this forum, it is a very important and timely issue. Please join the discussion, and lets talk about it.


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