This is my page to discuss whatever is on my mind.  I have many diverse interests.  Among them is writing.  This is one of my avenues to hone my writing skills in preparation for my upcoming book, “The Essence of Worship” (discussed in articles in this blog).  Some of my interests are (not necessarily in order of priority):

Worship – I have been studying what the Bible teaches about true worship.  I am presently working on my first book on this topic.  Stay tuned, and check back to this blog page periodically for updates.

Missions – Missions to me is specifically, the finishing of the Great Commission (Matt. 28:16-20).  Every follower of Christ should be actively involved in sharing the love of Jesus.

Metrology – I have been a metrologist (measurement scientist) for 37 or so years, and I have worked for various large and small companies (U.S. Navy (Veteran), RCA, General Electric, Harris Semiconductor, Motorola Semiconductor, Freescale Semiconductor, Simco Electronics, Mackay Communications (RF Radion manufacturer). I am a little of a nerd in this area.

Travel – I have been to 43 states in the USA, and 16 countries (including a few where I have airplane layovers). I have spent considerable time in north India, Haiti, Guatemala, and Mexico. I’ve been on the Great Wall of China (one of my top tourist experiences).

Genealogy – I am fascinated by this and have traced a number of mine, and my wife’s family lines back to the 15th century, and some evidence that my family line (Eldred) descends directly from Alfred the Great of England (much was lost during the dark ages as records were burnt while they tried to destroy diseases through the burning.


Various Scientific Theories – such as climate change, evolution, the big bang theory, and others.  I am a strong supporter of GOOD science, not so much listening to politically or theologically motivated characterizations of these (and other such views).  I have yet to find any good science which contradicts the Bible.

Statistical Science – I use statistics in my work in the calculation of Measurement Uncertainty (in accordance with IEC/ISO17025 calibrations, using the GUM (Guide to Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement).  It is a fascinating topic.


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