My friends know how passionate I am about sharing the Biblical Gospel with unreached people groups around the world – especially in the most unreached places; particularly in the area known as the 10/40 Window (an area from 10 to 40 degrees north latitude, stretching fromthe west coast of Africa to the East coast of Asia).  The vast majority of the most unreached people in the world live there, most of the worlds worst poverty resides there (inspite of what most Americans perceive to be poverty here in the U.S., our poverty is nothinig compared with those places).  Additionally, more than 90% of missions resources are dedicated to the parts of the world  that already have access to the Gospel.

I could go on at great length, but I won’t for reasons I’ll describe…..

I am involved in varying degrees with work in some of the unreached places of the world, and strongly support that work.  However, I choose not to include any significant commentary or detail on this blog for security reasons.  I have friends involved in work, and I am also periodically involved in volunteer work in their support.  For those reasons, to protect the well being of my friends involved in missions work in places where extremists may choose to harm them, I will discuss very little about missions work in this blog (and definitely no details which include names, places or dates of any present work or workers.

Please see my missions link list below for further great reading on the topic (I will be adding to the list periodically as I think of more useful links to add):

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