I am currently at work on a number of book projects, and just wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself, as a writer to my readers.

I grew up in a very small New England town up in the mountains; and so developed very independent thinking about just about everything. I was one of those kids who stared at the stars for hours every night, and (honestly) tried to figure out how far forever was. I grew up as a thinker who contemplated everything. I don’t take any viewpoint for granted. And now in my mid fifties, I have spent decades thinking about just about everything.

I attended Asbury College, a Christian college in the mountains of Kentucky, joined the Navy and traveled extensively during and since my years of military service. I developed a keen interest in world cultures and have traveled extensively internationally. I have spent in many parts of Asia, (India, Nepal, China, South Korea, Malaysia), Central America (Mexico, and Guatemala), and the Caribbean (the Bahama, Puerto Rico, Martinique, Dominican Republic, and quite a lot of time in Haiti).

I love all of these places and the friends I have made in them; and have learned a lot from their perspectives.

I’ve spent many years observing life in the world around me, so that I feel now compelled to share some important thoughts about things I notice.

One critical topic for which I hope to inspire honest discussion is Utopianism. It seems like such a far off philosophical point that many will say its a waste of mental energy. But as I will describe in this forum, it is a very important and timely issue. Please join the discussion, and lets talk about it.



The Bible says that in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Atheists have a big problem with this citing such popular theories as Dark Matter, the Big Bang Theory (not the show), etc.

It is often said that one must choose between science and God. I don’t think so – not at all. There is a built in presupposition to such a choice. That is that you choose which to “believe.”

This is very telling, in that what you “believe” is a matter of faith. We “believe” in God by faith. We “believe” that the words of the Bible are accurate, inspired, inerrant, and eternal truth by our faith. The Christian walk is an act of faith in God. We must NEVER believe in science based on faith. This is the huge struggle in the so called scientific community – that you must believe certain scientific precepts.

Aside from all else, this is absolute nonsense. Science is the observed ordering of the universe we live in. If you drop a steel ball from 100 feet and measure its rate of descent, you can calculate a gravitational constant. With some further calculation, you can calculate coefficients of friction, etc. etc. You don’t measure that rate of descent based on faith, but on observation.

Science is all about observation. But such things as Dark Matter, the Big Bang Theory, Evolution, and so many other illedged scientific concepts are not science at all, but a leap of faith.

So for someone to claim to be a scientist based on faith (presuppositions) is not valid at all.

Do we have to choose between science and the Bible – never. They can never be at odds with each other. What is at odds is the presuppositional views held (I believe as anti-Christian views) relative to the Christian faith.

My challenge to the scientific community is not to accept Christianity (that is a fully personal choice), but to speak factually on observed science, and filter out the so called theories to be identified as such.

In the case of evolution, there has never been an observed occurrence, and it is in conflict with so many true scientific principles.

Let’s bring back good science.

Thoughts On Utopianism

I’m presently thinking, writing and generally gathering my thoughts on this forgotten but very prevalent topic. It started with Plato’s work, “The Republic,” and made popular by Sir Thomas More’s book, “The Utopia.”

Utopia is simply a perfectly ordered society. And according to some philosophers, the only place Utopia can exist, is in ones imagination (to which I agree).

The problem is that without even knowing of the term, much of society is seeking Utopia – they are seeking something that can’t be found (on this earth). Government, medicine, private individuals, and yes, even the church (in some instances) are all in different ways, seeking utopia – seeking something that can not be had. I am a Christian, and so I make the comments about the church very carefully.

I’m sure I’ll take some heat for the following, but both conservatives and liberals in degrees, seek unknowingly, utopia – a perfectly ordered society – along with people of most other flavors or persuasions.

As I delve further into this topic, I’ll seek to understand and share why I believe this is problematic, and further, what I believe the solution may be.

Just a few opening thoughts. If you’d like to converse on this, send me a tweet on my Twitter account @Hawaii596 .


What is this blog all about?  I have no idea, as this is my first such an attempt.  If nothing else, it is an excuse to practice my craft of writing, that I so much love.  I’d like to explore some of my favorite topics, such as missions ministry work and family history (genealogy), which is a favorite hobby.

My hope is that the things I write here will somehow enhance missions work, and Eldred (and related) family genealogy work.

Another small, arcane topic is the uniting of Eldreds across the world.  The ELDRED family is a small one, but very rich in some awesome history.  For example, our Eldred family descends directly from King Alfred the Great, an Eldred was the first to bring Nutmeg to the west (they figured very prominently in the early spice trade), and Eldreds were involved in underwriting the pilgrims.

This forum should also serve to publish some previously unknown details about my wife’s CHALOUX (CHALLEAU) family ancestry.  In some recent research, we found some fascinating original documents connecting the CHALOUX family from Quebec Canada back to their early ancestors in Mirebeau, Viennes, France.

As time permits, I may experiment with some of my science fiction writings.

NOTICE TO ELDRED FAMILY members.  Please leave a message and let me know.  I would like to figure out a way to help us all connect here.