I am just learning about this, and don’t yet have a good handle on all the pros and cons. But the more I read, the more I believe it “may” be the right thing. In a nutshell, the 17th Amendment established a popular vote for United States Senators, which were formerly appointed by state legislatures. Prior to the 17th amendment, being appointed by state legislatures meant there was accountability to the district level (much more localized). As the country has grown, this has amounted to less and less connection between each senator and their constituents – dangerous.

According to some views, one of the biggest fallouts has been vast, unchecked growth in the Federal Government; and this is precisely the problem. Why has no one heard about this? I know I hadn’t until a few short months ago. And I am now trying to tell everyone I can.

Again, I am no expert. So rather than listen to my ramblings, do your own research and be your own judge. As I research and understand more on this critical topic, I’ll post more. But for now, I just want to get the word out. Tell everyone you know to start reading up on the 17th Amendment, its implications, how it has caused huge government growth and corruption, and consider whether perhaps it should be repealed.

And this should be a bi-partisan issue. Certainly I have my political leanings (which I won’t share here), but whether you are left or right, there is something to be said for bringing that liberal or conservative control back to your own state. If you are a liberal, and your home state is liberal – then during times when conservatives are in charge in Washington DC, this lessens the impact on your state – and the same goes in reverse if you are a conservative.

Think about it, get the word out, and lets see if perhaps the right thing to do for the USA is to repeal the 17th Amendment.

More later. Thanks for reading.




My friends know how passionate I am about sharing the Biblical Gospel with unreached people groups around the world – especially in the most unreached places; particularly in the area known as the 10/40 Window (an area from 10 to 40 degrees north latitude, stretching fromthe west coast of Africa to the East coast of Asia).  The vast majority of the most unreached people in the world live there, most of the worlds worst poverty resides there (inspite of what most Americans perceive to be poverty here in the U.S., our poverty is nothinig compared with those places).  Additionally, more than 90% of missions resources are dedicated to the parts of the world  that already have access to the Gospel.

I could go on at great length, but I won’t for reasons I’ll describe…..

I am involved in varying degrees with work in some of the unreached places of the world, and strongly support that work.  However, I choose not to include any significant commentary or detail on this blog for security reasons.  I have friends involved in work, and I am also periodically involved in volunteer work in their support.  For those reasons, to protect the well being of my friends involved in missions work in places where extremists may choose to harm them, I will discuss very little about missions work in this blog (and definitely no details which include names, places or dates of any present work or workers.

Please see my missions link list below for further great reading on the topic (I will be adding to the list periodically as I think of more useful links to add):




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What is this blog all about?  I have no idea, as this is my first such an attempt.  If nothing else, it is an excuse to practice my craft of writing, that I so much love.  I’d like to explore some of my favorite topics, such as missions ministry work and family history (genealogy), which is a favorite hobby.

My hope is that the things I write here will somehow enhance missions work, and Eldred (and related) family genealogy work.

Another small, arcane topic is the uniting of Eldreds across the world.  The ELDRED family is a small one, but very rich in some awesome history.  For example, our Eldred family descends directly from King Alfred the Great, an Eldred was the first to bring Nutmeg to the west (they figured very prominently in the early spice trade), and Eldreds were involved in underwriting the pilgrims.

This forum should also serve to publish some previously unknown details about my wife’s CHALOUX (CHALLEAU) family ancestry.  In some recent research, we found some fascinating original documents connecting the CHALOUX family from Quebec Canada back to their early ancestors in Mirebeau, Viennes, France.

As time permits, I may experiment with some of my science fiction writings.

NOTICE TO ELDRED FAMILY members.  Please leave a message and let me know.  I would like to figure out a way to help us all connect here.